Saturday, June 12, 2010


Hello friends, how's life? I hope everything's alright.
Yap, today I have been seventeen, it means that I'm getting older. At 0.00 am this morning I received short message from Olis, she said that I shouldn't be rude to girl. -.- that's the point haha.
Several seconds later Andri sent me short message, he was the second after Olis. Then I made a call with Olis and after that i went to my bed. My Mom woke me up in the moorning and she kissed my cheek. Then I perform morning prayer. Next I opened my Computer and went online -.- haha. I check my account and there were so many happy birthday from my friends. Then at 7.30 am I went to my studio and practiced drum, because tomorrow I'm gonna have my last drum exam, so that I have to master the materials. Half hour after that, Adi, my neighbor came to my studio and we jammed together till nine. Then I went to bathroom and at 9.30 I went to school. At first I used the white-grey uniform, suddenly I realized that I used wrong uniform -_-
so that I went back to home and change to scout uniform, and automatically I was late this morning. haha. When the rest time came Olis gave me special gift. She gave me a happy birthday video, I could see Olis, Widhi, Ryan, Riza, Amin, Fahmi, Maya, Deia, and so many, and also Sweeper at Smansa in that video. thanks you very much Olis.
After School's times ended, I invited Olis, Widhi, Andri, Arbi, and Nawan to join "Kemek2". I hold that "kemek2" in the most well-known as expensive lontong ever, that's "lontong kak lin" I spend Rp.101.000. it was quite expensive just for nasi gurih and pecal, haha. Then I went home and at 2.30 pm I went to ssc. I kemek2 Luthfi Ibam and Adi. That's all about happy birthday with my friend.
Talking about my wishes, I hope I will pass in ITB next year and become succesful person.

By The Way. I feel sad, why? I can't explain it.
see you later..